“The soap is really great for multi-use. It’s good as a body wash, face wash, and in the kitchen.”

Review posted by Marine. St. Petersburg, Russia.

“I love this soap. It lasts forever.”

Review posted by Shelly, Folley. Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I received the tea tree soap as a gift. I’m sensitive to bug bites, especially mosquitos. This soap really takes the sting out. Better than others I’ve tried. That’s the truth.”

Review posted by Steve, Northern Kentucky.

“My grandchild loves it. We love the lemongrass, and look forward to taking baths now.”

Review posted by Victoria, Gibson. Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

“Great Soap! It lasts a long time, even in the shower. And makes our bathroom smell good.”

Review posted by Tommy, Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I love that the soap moisturizes and keeps my skin smooth. It really does last a long time.”

Review posted by Mary N. Cincinnati, Ohio.

“The soap has a nice lather without a film. It has been soothing this summer and works great for bug bites.”

Review posted by Andrea, Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Thank you for the Tea Tree Blossom. My skin has never felt better.”

Review posted by Terri, Cincinnati, Ohio.

“We just received our soaps in Paris! wonderful and fragrant soaps. Thank you !”

Review posted by Tamara, H. Paris, France.

“Their charcoal soap is amazing!”

Review posted by Lexie, S. Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I just wanted to tell you that my wife and daughter really love your soap. It works!”

Review posted by Jack V. Cincinnati, Ohio.

“My skin and hair feel fresh and clean! Fairway Farms Organic has intelligent, safe and pure products for the environment-friendly consumer.”

Review posted by David F. Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Really great soap, the quality you can only get from hand made products. It uses more essential oil than most brands so you get more value for the price and it shows. The refreshing smell of the Eucalyptus really wakes me up in the morning!”

Review posted by Jonathan S. Glendale, California.

“I really love the way the whole bathroom smells fresh and my skin doesn’t get dry yet sqeeky clean!”

Review posted by Barry B. Los Angeles, California.

“This is wonderful soap and I love all the variety! Great to use as hostess gifts too!!”

Review posted by Joyce G. Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Fantastic soap!!! You must try!!”

Review posted by Grace A. Watauga, Texas.

“I tried your soap… Luxurious Lovely Luscious”

Review posted by Joey O. Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I just lathered up. I feel amazing.”

Review posted by Jon S. Los Angeles, California.

“Your soaps smell, look, feel so good! I love them all. Amazing work! Bravo!”

Review posted by Edouard R. Paris, France.

“Your soaps smell divine.”

Review posted by Kim K. Cincinnati, Ohio.