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100% Organic & Plant-Based.
Cleans Hands, Body, Face, & Hair.

Total Skincare. 5 Flavor Set. $55.

(High Lather, Relaxing, Dry Skin, Makes Skin Soft, Calming Vibes, Stress Relief, Eczema)

(Removes Dirt, Oil, Cleansing, Facial, Detox, Whiteheads, Blackheads, Acne, Exfoliates)

(Treats All Burns, Prevents Sunburn, Keeps Mosquitos Away, Hydrates, Collagen Boost)

(Immunity Booster, Focus, Soothes Body/Head Aches, Inflammation, Skin Toner)

(Medicinal, Healing, Acne, Skin Balance, Rejuvenation, Cuts, Scars, Bug Bites, Poison Ivy)

Sara Berscheit
Sara Berscheit
I love the eucalyptus charcoal soap! It has cleared up my skin and clears out the impurities. This was the answer I have been looking for years. It smells wonderful, lathers up nicely and rinses off easily with a clean, fresh feeling. 👏🏼
David Franke
David Franke
My skin and hair feel fresh and clean! Fairway Farms Organic has intelligent, safe and pure products for the environment-friendly consumer.
Jonathan Schmidt
Jonathan Schmidt
Really great soap, the quality you can only get from hand made products. It uses more essential oil than most brands so you get more value for the price and it shows. The refreshing smell of the Eucalyptus really wakes me up in the morning!
Joyce Gundling
Joyce Gundling
This is wonderful soap and I love all the variety! Great to use as hostess gifts too!!

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