Using a handcrafted organic soap bar enhances the whole washing experience.

It is an incredibly satisfying moment that you just can’t get from using a mass produced factory-made detergent or product.

No dyes, no preservatives, no artificial or toxic ingredients. Just certified organic oils, honeys, butters, juices, and floral waters crafted into good old fashioned soap.

The fresh blocks (pictured above) will be cut into individual bars. Then stored for curing. During this process, the soap will slowly release its moisture and harden. After four weeks, the batch will be ready for the next step, packaging!

“Good things take time, as they should.” -John Wooden





Shea (on the left) is made from the fats of an African tree nut. The result is an incredible, ivory-colored, moisturizing butter.

Coconut oil (on the right) produces a wonderful lather, brilliant tones, and adds cleansing benefits.