HoneyBee Woodshop is a local veteran owned business that offers quality and long lasting woodworking products. Fairway Farms commissioned a double-sided sign this year and couldn’t be happier. Andrew put a lot of care and attention to detail to make this piece. I told him, I wanted quality, visibility, and durability. He listened, and delivered. Thank you again Andrew for your time, efforts, and service 🇺🇸.

Need some woodwork? Support a Local Business & Veteran. Here’s their story:


Post deployment past-time, turns to passion

When my wife and I first met, we connected over our mutual love for building. Fast forward and we took on a “fixer-upper” of a house. The projects commenced, and the transformations took place, learning and growing together as we went. In 2020, I was deployed overseas with the US Navy for about a year. When I returned to the civilian life, I found myself missing the busy schedule that I had become accustomed to. Since our house projects had slowed down, I turned to dabbling with my power tools in the garage. Friends and family began requesting pieces and I discovered that this new past time was something I truly enjoyed. I challenge myself every day to create high quality, hand crafted wooden projects.