A picture of the dairy barn before it was completely renovated in the 1970s by the Pogue Family.

Well nestled in the California Woods with a refined midcentury modern interior (Designed by Cincinnati’s Local Famous Architect, Hans Nuetzel), it stands as one of the last monuments to the original 50 acre Fairway Farm.

Years later… it is now in the hands of the Brinker Family, who founded Fairway Farms Organic in 2017 to revitalize the farm, and to support other green community projects around Cincinnati.

The young business owner, Nicholas spends most of his time restoring the building, maintaining the land, operating his small organic soap shop (located on the first floor of the barn), and promoting local farmers markets/events/projects.

Projects like these depend on hard work, persistence, and community support. Thank you Cincinnati for supporting your local farmers and small business owners 🌻

To many more years, and the next chapter!