Have you ever wondered what the difference is between commercial and handcrafted soap?

Commercial soaps are manufactured in large industrial facilities. They are designed to be pumped out by the thousands in minutes with the most cost-effective ingredients. Fillers, additives, and preservatives are added to dilute the purity of the soap content and to extend the shelf life. Non-biodegradable materials and plastics are used for packaging. And artificial scents and perfumes are used to simulate ingredients that are not even present in the final product. If the real ingredient isn’t in the product, then neither are the benefits for your skin.

I like to compare industrial products like these to heavily processed cookies. It smells like a cookie, looks like a cookie, even tastes like a cookie. But it’s not a cookie. This cookie wasn’t even baked. Now, have you ever had a fresh baked cookie, made from scratch, right out of the oven? That’s the difference.

Fairway Farms Organic Soaps are made by hand, locally, in small batches just like real homemade cookies. Each batch is made exclusively with certified organic ingredients and high-grade food-quality lye. No fillers are added, and no glycerin is removed. The result is a luxurious, soft cleaning, real bar of soap.

I always tell my customers, whenever you buy a product, you are buying ingredients. Look at the ingredients. Don’t pay attention to anything else. That is what you are consuming.

My soaps at Fairway Farm are made with 100% USDA certified organic coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, juices, and essential oils. That’s it. You can tell right away when you pick up a bar and smell it that there’s something different about it. It’s real. You can feel the weight. It smells good enough to eat. The lather is thicker and fuller. You feel fresh, clean, and a little bit healthier after every wash.

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